Advantages of Clay roof Tiles


When choosing a material to make part of the most important structure of your home, there are a lot of things to take into account. When it comes to your roof, it’s an easy choice. Clay tiles offer excellent thermal behavior and acoustic isolation help save energy are a hundred percent ecological products and have a wide range of styles, shapes, and colors. Most of all, they are for protection and comfort for you and your family.

Thanks to the natural components of the clay roof tiles which other materials do not have is that the temperature of the house is regulated; keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Due to this, clay roof tiles are an energy saver, and help save money on your electricity bills. Many studies made in the United States have proved that clay roof tiles reflect 7.8% more sunlight than other materials, such as metal or concrete, this allows less heat access into your home, therefore reducing the use of aircon and other cooling devices.

These roofs are consider optimal for less interior heat buffs. Clay roof tiles do not go rusty, do not rot nor erode, meaning that this is an excellent long term investment for a roof. Thanks to their composition, they are great acoustic isolators, reducing outside noise in nearly 30 decibels. Adding to this, they are reusable and recyclable materials that require scarce maintenance and easy replacement, therefore, saving time and money when caring for your home.

Clay tiles survive anything, even the most difficult climate and weather conditions. They can resist winds and gales of over 180 Km/hr, and rainfalls of over 720 liters/hr. Apart from safety they also offer style and modern designs with a very wide range of shapes, colors and accessories while being a natural friendly product complying to the high standards of the environment.

A clay-tiled roof is an excellent option for the strong winters, and specially summers in the Maricopa county, we have the record of being one of the hottest places in earth, therefore, by investing in a clay-tiled roof you will not only see great differences in the comfort and security offered by the materials, but also by the electrical savings that these type of roofing materials offer to counties so affected by extreme climate conditions. If you want to change your roof and have it pay for itself (in electrical savings) give us a call, we can work together to get you a roof that will last for decades while being one of the most aesthetically pleasing type of roofs in the market. We have several options in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors that will surely please you. Therefore, if you are looking for a new roof, give us a call, in Haydar Roofing we are as our tiles, we are strong and we have been working for years, we are a team of experts and have the newest styles of clays for your roof and your budget.