Benefits of white roof coating


First, their reflective coating that are rolled or sprayed onto the roof surface to protect from wear and tear caused by the sun’s heat and UV rays, when applied with roof coating provide a highly reflective seamless solar barrier that increases the life span of the roof, it protects it from breaking down, which can lead to moisture penetration and damaging leaks. White roof coatings are also energy-saving and can reduce summer cooling costs by up to 40% by reflecting the sunlight and the resulting heat. These coating are recommended for flat or metal roofs, they are not recommended for use on PVC sheet roofing or shingles of any kind, they are also not recommended for use over plywood, walking decks, gravel uncoated polyurethane foam or rubber.

Surface preparation
Surface preparation is very important, and there are three steps to prepare the roof which are going to be listed below:

Step 1: Dry roof
You will need clean and warm conditions, you need a clean surface with no dust or debris, you need dry; you need to make sure that there is no rain in forecast for at least 48 hours and you need temperatures above 50ºF for at least 2 days. If there is any leak areas in the roof you will need to put up white sealant.

Step 2: Asphalt Primer.
This is a base coat product that you put down to help the white roof coating adhere to the surface, it also helps waterproof the roof surface to work over it as well, after you apply the asphalt primer you should let it dry for about 18-24 hours. This material is usually applied with a brush.

Step 3: Application of the White roof coating.
This is the final and most important layer of coating. It is advisable to use a 3/4 nap paint roller for this application. You need to put down 2 coats of white coating. The first one is painting and spreading it in a North-South direction, then you wait between 18-24 hours for it to dry. The second one is applied in an East-West direction. After you finish the second layer you let it dry again, being careful of not stepping the fresh white coat.

White-coating your roof is an important maintenance activity that should be done with the (already specified) types of roofing systems that require it. If you have not white-coated your roof you can give us a call, we install and take maintenance of most types of roofing systems, so if your roof has not been adequately taken care of, give us a call. White-coating does not only water proof your roof, it also makes your whole home more cool in the long summers of the Maricopa county and warm in the winters. So if you notice any increasement of heat in your house and you have not white coated it for some time, you could save your roof’s life and also start seeing noticeable savings in your electricity bills.