Roofing materials beyond aesthetics, what should your roof have?


It does not matter whether you want to top your roof with shingles or tiles, the most important step in the roofing process is proper construction. A well-installed roof system is one of the most important investments in the whole house since the roof is what keeps the house warm or cold, humid or dry, well ventilated or suffocated, etc. That is why we commonly refer to owning a house as having a “roof over your head”.

As stated on the title; when people think about purchasing a new roof they think of the roofing materials that sit on top of their home, and while the materials that go outside have aesthetical and functional purposes, the whole roofing system beneath is what matters the most.

A roofing system is a highly advanced system of components and does way more than keeping humidity out of your home. A properly designed and installed roofing system keeps your attic cool and dry and makes your home a more comfortable place to stay in.

We usually have the following components in an adequate roofing system:

1. Felt/Roof deck protection
The felt is the most important material on keeping your house dry, it waterproofs your roof and protects your house from atmospheric conditions. Some people prefer other types of deck protection systems, and even though felt works well, we can make sure to offer you other options.

2. Peel and Stick Underlayment.
This ensures the durability of your need roof, it protects your house from lateral rain and ice dams.

3. Ventilation system.
To ensure the duration of your investment make sure that your roof is properly ventilated, inadequate ventilation will cause cracks in your roof, making you spend more money on fixes or complete replacements. A good ventilation system keeps warm air inside when it is cold outside while keeping cool air inside when it is hot outside, this is carried while keeping moisture and other unpleasant atmospheric conditions outside out of your house and you attic.

4. Metal drip edges.
The classical component to help water away from swamping on edges. It also gives a clean and aesthetic finish to the edge of your roof.

If your roof has the full appropriate conditions specified above then you can start thinking about which outer material you will want. It would be a pleasure to work with your preferred type of shingles or tiles. Never try to cut off costs by skipping any of the roof system components listed above, that could mean seriously shortening your roof’s total life drastically while having it not working appropriately.

If you want to replace your roof give us a call, we are known to have strong work ethics and we also make strong roofs that will last over decades. Do not leave the most important part of your house in hands of anyone. With us you will have the best service and the best roofs so you never have to worry about leaks or aversive conditions in your house.